Just a Glimpse and Updates

Here is the video from weeks 4-6. I made the clips a little longer so one could get a better grasp of the shot. Hope you like it! Read after for a short post about life here the past few weeks!

Cordoba has been wonderful the past few weeks as I have been improving my Spanish, cherishing time with my Argentinian family, and soaking up the whole experience. Every day looks different as the ministry is evolving and adapting to new projects and people. About a month ago, a new missionary came to Cordoba from Colombia and his name is Diego. Diego and I have become great friends as we both live in the same house and generally have the same schedule. He makes me laugh so much with his little dichos (sayings) and overall humor. He is studying to be a dentist and we have talked about one day doing missions together in the Amazon area! Who knows what the Lord has for our friendship, but I know we will be life long friends.


Diego and Me hanging out after dinner

Every day looks different here, but the typical day is as follows. Wake up around 9am, have some breakfast (bread that is called criollo with a carmel-like substance called dulce de leche) and a cup of coffee. Thankfully, the Ricca family loves coffee as much as I do! I normally read, write in my journal, and spend time praying the hour that follows. Then, me and Diego will head to the office down town (which is about a 30-50 minute trip depending on if you get the bus at the right time). There, we work on anything from PR work, planning, cleaning, and brainstorming ideas to further CPCI. Currently, I am working on a fundraising video and have loved having the time to film and edit!

We may come back to our house for lunch or stay at the office, depending on the work. Afternoon work depends on what needs to be done, but I am always looking to go on an afternoon run to the nearby park while listening to a podcast. These have been some of the most relaxing times for me! Nights also vary, but we have plans Wednesday-Sunday night normally. They include “Street Ministry” which is a time to fellowship and feed the homeless people in Cordoba. I look forward to these reunions every week, as I am humbled through my interactions with them. Being friends with them and respecting them is one of the best ways to share Christ’s love with them. They are no different from me, just have had some unfortunate life circumstances that have put them on the street. Even if their sin put them there, I could easily be in their shoes had the Lord not graced me with knowing Him and saving me. He is the only reason I have the life I do (shelter, food, and security), so I have learned not to take pride in anything of me or what I have done. Such a humbling and rich experience to have spent so many great nights with my homeless friends enjoying some coffee and talking about faith.

Time has flown by here and I will make a greater effort to frequent more to this blog and write about the experiences down here and what the Lord is teaching me! Look for a post at the end of the week with more photos and stories (didn’t want to overload this one).



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2 thoughts on “Just a Glimpse and Updates

  1. Theresa Cardenas

    Hola Justin, I’m keeping up with your journey, “increible”! Homeless people have a special place with God. I’m glad you are leaning about such misfortune. Your medical school experience will be so enriched with what you have learned. Few people in America have seen what you have witness.
    I see through your photos you are making some life long friends. Any cute girls?
    By the sound of your letter you don’t have much time to yourself other an pray. You are so right about praying everyday. Most people don’t pray, or don’t how how too or don’t make the time.
    I loved all of your photos. Especially the sunsets.
    I hear in Argentina they have some the best music in all of latin america. If you have time don’t forget to document all of the music coming from small villages. Maybe catch about a minute for each song. You need enough time to hear the melody and style.
    Love the long hair on you!!
    Can’t wait for another one of your postings. Un beso y abrazo, Tia Theresa

  2. juscardenas

    Hola Tia!

    Just saw this comment, I apologize for the late response but thank you! I know the mentality behind my future practice of medicine will be greatly affected by this trip. God has many reasons for me being here and learning what I have been learning. So thankful for this opportunity every day!

    Been making some great friends and there are some cute girls, but at this stage in my life, the Lord told me to be patient and just focus on Him. So, I am not looking for any sort of girl and it has been so freeing! I will post some more photos here soon!

    Great idea about documenting the music, I will start doing a better job of that!

    Thanks for the comment about my long hair, it has been fun to grow out and given me a “free” style to soak up the experience even more.

    Love you y beso y abrazo!

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