Last Few Days with Christ for the City

As I reflect on the past 10 weeks, the time truly did fly by! I feel as if I have just gotten adjusted to the late dinners, relaxed pace of life, and the “Cordobeis” style of speaking Spanish. Yet, in five days, I will be moving on Chile. My time here has been a great blessing to my life in growing in my walk with the Lord, being humbled and making life long friends with the Ricca family and the CPCI team.

IMG_1345I am excited for the next stages of my trip, but going to miss this one. From being called “Tio Jusitn” by little Pedro or being introduced at church as a “hijo” or son to Graciela, it has truly been such a great blessing. Looking forward with this cultural experience, it makes me cherish and love my family at home even more! I see how close and welcoming this family is, and I want to pursue the same thing with my Cardenas and LeMaster (mom’s side) family. With 8 weeks left in South America and a few days left in Cordoba with Christ for the City, I am going to soak up this time and enjoy every minute of it. Last night, we had a get together to watch a futbol game and boxing match. Today, we have church and an asado for my going away after. I also made my favorite walk again to search for bread, milk, and cheese on a Sunday. Took five stores to find them, but it was a beautiful day to visit the different “tiendas” in search for lunch food.

Yesterday was my last day at the Galpones, the underserved area of town. I am going to miss those children a whole lot. Some may be hard to deal with at times, but all need to just be loved with the love Jesus can provide. I feel hopeless at times when I see their situations, but Jesus can bring them out of it! This faith can be hard to have, but He is above my lack of faith and has raised my spirits to believe in change. So many great memories of playing soccer, drawing, and getting to hold the kids and just love them. After my time with them, I think I could be a pediatrician and work with kids as a doctor, as it has been such a joy to do so here!

On Thursday, I will head to Chile for 5 days and spend time with friends in Santiago. After, I will return to Cordoba for a few days to do some dove hunting, as it is the best in the world. So excited to go to a dove ranch and do some good ol’ Texas hunting!

IMG_1346Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this trip. Don’t forget to check out the video from the past few days (at the top of the page).

Chao and nos vemos!


ps- I highly dislike Justin Beiber even more so after being here, as everyone associates my name with his. I am okay with Justin Timberlake, so I point them towards that method. No problems with my Hispanic last name 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Last Few Days with Christ for the City

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