Chao Cordoba!

Heading out of Cordoba to Santiago Chile! The past few days have been so uplifting as I reflected back on my time here as well as sad turning the page to the next plan God has for me. Last night, I had a conversation with Diego about missing friends here and moving on. He had great advice to give and told me to not worry, as there comes a time to move on so we can grow. He could not be more correct as we have to move on in order to grow. If not, we would all be complacent and never continue to rely on the Lord for His provision.Ā 


Me and my great friend Julio during my last night on the street. He has grown tremendously and has started to come to church! Praise God!


Selfie with the team on my last night at the street!

So many great memories that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Christ for the City had a huge impact on my heart and I know He will continue to teach me lessons from this experience. The trip may have ended with this stage, but the relationships don’t have to. I look forward to continue growing friendships that were started during this phase!

Here is a video from one of my last nights in Cordoba. Absolutely beautiful sunset!

Well, I have to go as I quickly wrote this post during my stay in the airport in route to Santiago. I will be there for 5 days with the Alcance Urbano team over there. After, I will return back to Argentina to do some world class dove hunting and relax for a few days. I hope to post in updates while in Chile as well. No matter where I am, I can and will be a light for HIM!

God Bless!


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