Just A Glimpse of Doves and Moving North

Just a Glimpse video from my last days with Christ for the City, time in Chile, dove hunting, and last few days back in Cordoba. Hope you enjoy!

Five more weeks to go here in South America, but there is a whole lot of traveling and activities packed into these next 35 days.  Thankfully, I have been blessed to have spent the past few days in La Paz, Bolivia with the Farfan family. It has been so refreshing to spend time with this family! I have been to La Paz once before for my cousin Jordan’s wedding to Bernardo (this is how I met the Farfan family). Last time, my Spanish was very broken, so it was hard to really get know the whole family. Now, it is wonderful being able to converse freely with them without any setbacks from a language barrier.

IMG_1742This has also been a great break after my travels to Chile and back to Cordoba, Argentina for dove hunting. Dove hunting was an absolute blast and the opportunity of a lifetime to do so in Cordoba! Ended up shooting 1,000 doves in 4 hunts. I was very proud of how I improved and was amazed at the amounts of doves there were! Literally covered the skies. Truly the trip of a lifetime as I had the whole outfit to myself, delicious meals, massive king size bed, and all the doves I could ever dream of.

My favorite part of the trip occurred the last morning while I was hunting over a corn field. There was a fog settling over the corn which partially blocked out the sun in front of my vision. I stood with my shotgun and watched as these shadows emerged from the mist. As the birds flew in towards me, they were illuminated against the foggy backdrop and were so clearly visible. My sunglasses added an amber tint to the scene which made me feel like I was in an old western. With my ear plugs in, I could only hear my own breath and felt the peace as the quiet morning settled around me. Many times, I didn’t even want to shoot as I desired to soak up the moment. I would watch the birds fly in and be in awe of what a great blessing it was to be there. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if my dad could have been there as well, as he has an incredible ability to fully soak up the blessing of the moment and pass on this infectious joy to those around. Thankfully, I have experienced this Nirvana many time while fly fishing with him and will get to again when I return home! I hope this massive picture below justifies the scene I was standing in that one morning.

Last morning view over the corn field.

Last morning view over the corn field. The dot above the sun is a dove far off flying towards me.

Marcello (dove guide) and me at La Estancia hunting lodge.

Marcello (dove guide) and me at La Estancia hunting lodge.

After my time dove hunting and one soar shoulder, I spent a few days in Cordoba hanging out with old friends and enjoying the last days of the city. I was able to see the Ricca family again and we had a wonderful lunch the day of my departure. I also went to an american football game of a team my friend Scott Jackson started. I loved watching this sport! Part of my high school football spirit was sparked up and made me want to play agin. Maybe someday I can come back and join the Cordoba American Football league for adults (wish we had these adult leagues in the states).

I spent that night with Scott and his family before he took me to the airport very late in the night. Scott has been a missionary in Cordoba for over a decade, so he has so much experience with this culture and the missionary lifestyle. We were able to get together a few times during my time in Cordoba and they were so enriching for me every time. For muster or a birthday cookout, he was a great friend and mentor to have in Cordoba. We actually got in touch as he was the old youth leader for the Bible study I was apart of in high school. He just left to Cordoba before I joined and my friends in there always talked so highly of him. I now know why as he is an amazing man of the faith. He and his family will be in my prayers often!

Now in La Paz, I am continuing my journey and in 2 days, will head to Cusco, Peru to start a bike ride up and around Machu Picchu. So excited for this trip, but going to soak up my time here in Bolivia. Will post before my bike trip about my time in Bolivia (which will probably be in the hostel the night before my bike trip). Till then, hope you enjoyed this post and thank you always for your thoughts and prayers!

Dios te bendiga!


ps- check out my instagram and flickr photos to see more pictures!

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One thought on “Just A Glimpse of Doves and Moving North

  1. Betty Cardenas

    Hi Justin. You are out in the wilderness like saint Francis. Have enjoyed reading all about your travels. I pray for your safe return. I love you Grandma C

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